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A Secret or Surprise Proposal in 2020

A Secret Proposal in 2020 – wow, I didn’t expect this, and either did Emma when Josh got down on one knee to romantically propose at Blackcraigs Castle near Bridge of Cally in Perthshire. Well done Josh!!

Myself and Josh had previously scouted the location and decided on a place for yours truly to sit and pretend to read a magazine while camera was all at-the-ready for the special moment. When the actual day came and I parked myself at the location with plenty of time to get in to character, Josh and Emma appeared and I replied ‘Morning’ to them from a distance and acted as natural as I could. I felt a bit nervous for Josh if truth be told and when he got down on one knee that was my cue, and with a long lens could get this shot. We then preceded to take more photographs which for them would be cherished moments to look back on in the years to come.

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It was my pleasure and a privilege to do this for Josh and Emma and I hope to do something like this again soon but don’t worry if you can’t make it a secret between the both of you, I can make it look like it was a surprise, but today it was so genuine. (The top header black and white image was faked later on but the below image was the actual moment of propsal)