Registry weddings

Registry weddings are popular just now for good reason, if because of the pandemic you can only have a small number of people and there is no shindig* afterwards then this may be a good option.

Featured here are a lovely couple I photographed at Perth Registry Offices a few weeks ago, Raj and Karolina, which pretty much was confirmed and arranged all by Raj around a week before the date, such is the nature of a Covid wedding. Good on you mate, I had a fab time meeting you all.

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  • /ˈʃɪn.dɪɡ/ informal. a noisy event or situation, especially a large, energetic party, celebration, etc.: They’re going to their neighbours’ for a shindig



Fiona and Scott at Perth Registry, December 24th 2020

What a great opportunity to photograph Scott and Fiona at Perth Registry Offices in Tay Street, Perth.

In light of the fact that we were going in to total lockdown from December 26th I had to do 2 weddings this day on Christmas Eve, what fun, so from here I went up to Murrayshall House Hotel near my home village of Scone.

Below are some images of Fiona, Scott and their family.