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Half day wedding photography – and how to make the most of it

Half day wedding photography – I get asked all the time what that actually entails so the following is an example of such a day at one wedding in Dunkeld, Scotland, August 2022 of Grant and Laura.

The ‘Premium’ package which has 2 photographers and is all day and covers you from Bride and Groom Prep to the dancing at night. Whereas the half day ‘Standard’ package is where I turn up (on my own) and photograph your Ceremony at a venue or registry office, then the signing of the register. Afterwards, at a location nearby I do the formal groups, some bride and groom portraits as well as any candid imagery while you are receiving your guests and canapes/drinks etc.

The total cost includes hand-editing of the best photos and delivered to you on a USB drive. I can also do an optional online gallery for you where your guests can download digital copies or indeed anyone can purchase Prints or Wall Art.

If you require an Album or a LoveBox then that can be arranged as an extra. See the Package Pricing page.


“Simon was fantastic from the moment we contacted him. He really took on board what we were looking for and the finished result is amazing! Our day was captured perfectly and we can’t thank him enough.”

Laura Elder – 13th August 2022

Grant and Laura at Dunkeld House Hotel

Thankfully it was a beautiful August day .. prior to Laura walking in I was able to get a few shots of Grant, the Groom, his best man and the beautiful drawing room where the ceremony is about to be held.

The Wedding Ceremony

Then the ceremony begins .. the drawing room has 2 very large south facing windows so its excellent for light, especially as the couple are usually facing them but without the sun actually hitting their face, something to really keep in mind when you are booking your venue for half day wedding photography.



The Signing of the Registry

This is also a shot which is under estimated as for the happy couple this puts a legal seal on the deal and it’s a moment that they cherish, maybe also one where they feel more relaxed, or is it relief!

Then there is the walk back down the aisle, now married. All smiling!

Drinks and Canapes at the wedding

This is a time for me to take some candid photos before all the group shots, I like to give the bridal party time to enjoy this, lets face it, you paid for it. So I don’t hurry you and let you live the moment with your friends and family.

Kids at weddings – more candid shots

They make for great candid photos, this is the time to do it. Often later on when the formal photos start they can pull faces (even when not trying to), especially in all your large group photos.

Group Wedding Photos

I try to get a really good vantage point so its all about the location, the size of the group and access. In this case (when I felt the bridal party had enough time for their drinks and canapes) I was able to get higher than the largest group ( as it was small compared to nearly 100 or so on some days) by being up a hill, but if necessary I gain access to a balcony or sometimes the room that the guests have booked overnight.

The Bride and Groom portraits

This is usually the creative bit and I will often take the Bride and Groom to a pre-arranged place or maybe one that is a surprise to them but known by me. I get to be creative with this in post production too, so in the following photos I have improved and toned the colour ones then also made some in to a classic black and white look.

After this I can usually go home and leave you alone, after all you have booked me for half day wedding photography, so not your reception, which in this case they wanted to sit down for a meal with friends and family and have a more private and intimate time.

It just so happened there were some other things going on like games etc so I captured that too as a bonus before I left for home. This can be an opportunity to get some more candid shots as well as thanking everyone for letting me photograph them.