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Assistant Photography

For those couples who have had the pleasure to book both of us in the Premium package they will know and appreciate the benefit of having my lovely assistant Jayneanne to help cover their wedding photography.

Yes she does a lovely job of sorting the dress when the bridesmaid can’t be found, fetching the flowers and equipment, rounding people up, keeping the children smiling and making sure the lighting stands don’t get knocked over. She does all that but also assists in the photography!

First of all, when we are in 2 places you see what the other half sees and elsewhere you get angles that the main photographer can’t get.

Bride Prep

When the day starts, Jayneanne can be with the bride and her party when they are getting ready, otherwise known as bride prep. This gives that party a bit of privacy and Simon can be with the Groomsmen and return once the bride is in her dress. The following are examples of what Jayneanne can get nailed without drawing too much attention to herself but exuding a calm approach.

The Ceremony

During the ceremony Simon usually occupies the prime spot as discussed with the celebrant or minister and Jayneanne takes up a less obtrusive position but allowing for images taken at a different angle.

Formal Portraits

When the formal group photos are taken followed by Bride and Groom portraits, Jayneanne’s main role is to round people up, keep the children smiling and assist Simon to do the best possible portraits. It enables him to bring more equipment in the shape of lighting on stands (that can blow over if left unattended) or the assistant to hold a reflector (again improving the natural light on the couple). However, Jayneanne has still managed to get some nice photos of the Bride and Groom at a different angle than Simon and here are a few of them.

Jayneanne is evidently  approachable and friendly as seen by some fantastic photos of children at your wedding.

Tables and Cakes

Simon and Jayneanne take photos of tables, dressings, cakes, sweets and things and both of them take a slightly different approach giving you twice as many photos of these favourite things!

During the reception Simon will generally handle the photos of the speeches, line-up etc with Jayneanne getting a few shots in before you settle down for your meal.

Later on when the dancing begins Simon will be there for the first dance, and several after that while Jayneanne photographs those who are still at their tables, at the bar or indeed a few candid moments that can be captured.


There are times when Jayneanne has set up a studio area (you can think of this as a Photobooth) and people have lined up to be photographed and she has captured some amazing and fun portraits. Something your guests will really appreciate.