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Favourite wedding images from 2022

Favourite wedding images from 2022. What a year it was, most of the time catching up with weddings that were postponed from 2021 and some of these had been postponed from 2020 with the initial meeting of the couples in 2018 and 2019 so it was great to finally have a more normal year and honour the backlog of wonderful brides and grooms.

Seeing ceremony halls with a full compliment of guests and dancefloors filled was so heart warming for Jayneanne and myself. So thanks goes out to all those wonderful people who over the Pandemic, stuck together, held out and saw it all through with joy and excitement.

We lift a glass to those dearly departed for whom is was just too long a wait!

Thank you 2022 and here’s to an exciting 2023 where we hope to meet lots of lovely new people, take on new clients and have fun taking these timeless and cherished images at all the weddings to come.