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Most weddings these days have some sort of a theme, whether that’s simply an aesthetic one like a colour, or tartan;  a country, sport, job or even a more specific interest that the couple shares like in this featured post – ‘Movies’ although something tells me the groom was driving this one as he has cleverly manipulated his face into several well known movie posters and placed at each table.

I love it when couples go to this length of detail to make their special day even more memorable.

In fact if a couple can get in touch with me I will do some free pre-wedding or #engagement shots of them. The couple who have the most unique theme that they are planning can get in touch with me. I am based in #Scone near #Perth.

As an example I would love to photograph a couple who share an interest in a sport, just imagine an engagement shot where both are wearing some sort of head gear, ie both do Bobsleigh, now that would be a fun shot. Get in touch.