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Choosing a wedding venue in Perthshire

Choosing a wedding venue in Perthshire is an exciting challenge for any couple about to take the plunge.

No supplier has more experience and less bias of the perfect wedding venue than the wedding photographer. I personally have been the photographer at over 100 weddings in and around Perthshire for the past few years after returning to where I was born and brought up (in Perth). Before that I was 10 years in Leeds and photographing many Yorkshire weddings.

So, as a wedding photographer, I have observed staff, floated around the venues ground, taken photos in ceremony rooms, bridal suites and even sampled the food and hospitality. You can’t really say all that if you are another supplier, such as Make-Up and Hair, Cars, Florist, Band, DJ etc.

Of course the venue has to be booked first before anything, but I am always open for a chat if couples want some unbiased advice for their perfect venue. Only once the venue is booked, do you have a date, and only when you have a date can you book suppliers who will be there on the day.

Ask me what you would like from a wedding venue in Perthshire

Choosing a wedding venue in Perthshire can be a daunting task, but with careful consideration, you can find the perfect location for your special day. Perthshire offers a variety of stunning wedding venues that cater to different preferences and budgets. Whether you desire a grand estate, a picturesque countryside setting, or a romantic castle, there are numerous options available to create the wedding of your dreams in Perthshire.

For instance, some people getting married may not think about the time they are given for the ceremony. If the date is between October and March then consider an earlier time, say 11 or 12 as by 3pm it may be too cold or dark outside for photos, so go back to the venue if you are given a 2pm slot. In the middle of summer the sun can be so strong and nobody wants this pouring in to their eyes, so is there shade in the grounds, i.e. a large tree or two? If you are visiting the venue mid-summer but want the wedding in February but want outdoor photographs then the trees if they are all deciduous may not look quite the same, are there any evergreens? If you are wanting bride-prep photos, ask what size the room is where you are getting ready, and is it well lit. Is the ceremony room big enough, will there be room for dressing it, props etc, plus what is the light like. What are the distances between the grounds and the bar etc, are there bottlenecks, is it mobility friendly?

Having done so many weddings the staff on the day can play an enormous role and I have witnessed some venues to have amazing staff and very attentive wedding co-ordinators, but in other venues not so much. and in some cases the wedding co-ordinators have not even been there on the day, and staff look like they are in training. It really does vary. Getting the food right on such a day is vital and there have been many venues where I have counted myself fortunate enough to either sample the food or guests have come up to me to tell me what they though of it!

At this point I could mention some of my favourite wedding venues, and some not so, but rather than do that in this article here, come and talk to me and let me know what it is you are wanting from a venue.