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People often ask, whats this Photo booth that you do within your packages, so here is a bit of an explanation.

Before the entertainment starts, the tables need to be turned,moved etc after the meal to make way for the dancing. It’s at this point guests usually flock to the bar while they wait for the evenings entertainment, disco or ceilidh.

Usually I do shots of couples and we also often set up an area on the Bride and Grooms request and hotel amenities permitting with some Flash, brollies, soft-boxes etc to create a studio lighting set up. Being the 2 of us means that I can be photographing couples and my assistant can be doing the studio like photos where the Bride and Groom can arrange for props, wigs, glasses etc. The photos will be part of your digitally edited photo package for you to have and distribute to your guests as you wish.

Hiring a separate Photo booth

Of course you can hire a company to provide a Stand-in Photobooth which gives your guests a different offering, being that they can have a hard copy print of them dressed up and pulling poses, these can be expensive and are usually not run by professional photographers but if you have the budget I am happy to work alongside them.