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The Nikon Z6 ii Mirrorless Camera

Just got myself some new gear, that’s always exciting, but this time I have taken the plunge to go Mirrorless as I think the time is now!

Mirrorless cameras, unlike Digital Single Reflex Cameras (DSLR) don’t have a noisy mirror that flips up and down.

Other than being quieter, which I think is a distinct plus during a wedding ceremony I feel the technology has pretty much caught up on DSLRs. The new Z-Series lenses are excellent and fast, you get edge to edge focus points, brilliant AF and Eye-AF although I do believe that Sony are the masters at this, but the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) and back LCD screen are far better on the newer Nikon Z6 ii. The EVF more or less shows you the exposure you are going to get so there is less time looking at the monitor to see if you got the shot.

I was going to add to my Nikon D750 a Nikon D850 DSLR but I think that by having the Mirrorless alongside the D750 is a good combination, both cameras giving me different options. And one of them will be in the hands of my lovely assistant.

Video is far better on the Mirrorless cameras, the Auto-Focus for video on a DSLR searches in and out to get focus but on a Mirrorless it just finds it and locks on, plus you get 4K video too.

The Nikon Z-series 24-70mm f4 is an excellent all rounder and I’m really pleased with it’s speed and sharpness, and I’m looking to purchase the 85mm very soon.

So I got myself the FTZ adapter which allows me to put on any of my other Nikon lenses which can then take advantage of the Vibration Reduction (VR) which is built in to the Mirrorless camera unlike on DSLRs. And of course I got extra batteries – always going to need them. I’ve shot a wedding 3 days after receiving the Nikon Z6 ii from the lovely people at Jessops and I can honestly say I’m loving the results.