Fonab Castle wedding photography

Destination weddings

If you have booked a destination wedding like this one, where there is a beautiful castle-like hotel right by a loch in the Scottish highlands then you better hope for good weather.

In the case of Darren and Laura’s wedding they had been particularly generous in buying out all the rooms for some of their guests when it came to their wedding at the fabulous Fonab Castle near Pitlochry.

Unfortunately it rained pretty much all day and the weather can only be described by a Scottish word ‘Dreich’  meaning dreary.

I still managed to get photos of them outside. But the weather was worse before and after these images, not too mention it was dull and dark by 4.30pm at this time of year. If you look at the trees in the background there is not much colour in them despite the fact I have enhanced them a little and it does look like there is a little bit of light rain falling on the Loch behind reflecting the dull sky. The 2 dogs were also so photo-friendly and a great addition to the photos.

But late autumn can be beautiful in Scotland and this location is no exception. Luckily there was a spare room at Fonab Hotel, so I stayed over that evening and the next day, the lovely couple got back in to their outfits and I was able to take more photos knowing that the weather was going to vastly improve.